Traditional Chinese Cupping

Popularized in the  2016 Olympics by many athletes including Michael Phelps, cupping is an ancient method of treatment that involves the application of a vacuum (cup) to a localized area of the skin. Found in history as early as 1550 B.C. in Egypt and among others 413 B.C. in Greece.  In East Asia, cupping is a treatment prescribed for chronic pain, respiratory disorders as well as myofascial pain. 


Benefits on a general, systemic level includes improved circulation of blood and lymph. Cupping has a dramatic detoxifying effect on the skin and circulatory system. By increasing the flow of blood and plasma through the veins and arteries, cupping enhances the cleansing and removal of toxins. This detoxification is commonly observed after the second or third treatment with noticeable improvement in overall complexion. 

Cupping is indicated for disorders affecting multiple organ systems including but not limited to:

Vital, Metabolic: low energy, fatigue, anemia, atrophy of the tissues, cellulite. 
Nervous System: headaches, depression, anxiety-as it balances the nervous system. 
Musculoskeletal: Local application, as appropriate, for back pain, arthritis, traumatic injuries, lumbago, sciatica, trigger points. 
Respiratory & Circulatory: common cold and flu, bronchitis, high blood pressure. Increased blood flow to the skin is also therapeutic for many different skin disorders. 

Cupping is not indicated during pregnancy.


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